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Safe consumption of asparagus.

Today there is very little data supporting the therapeutic benefits of asparagus consumption. Most of which is data obtained from animal experiments. or human cells in vitro. So there is still no solid and reliable evidence of benefit and dosage in your body. Consumers should therefore be concern about the safety of consumption as the main priority. Follow the instructions below.

Information for general consumers.

  • Asparagus is LIKELY SAFE when cooked in moderation. And should not eat too much asparagus
  • There is not enough information about the medicinal benefits consumption. So people who wish to consume asparagus extract should always consult their doctor first.
  • Can cause side effects such as allergic reactions from both consumption and oral form. or applying to the skin which consumers should be careful when using Seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms that could be signs of an allergic reaction UFABET
  • from some experimental reports It has found that the maximum consumption extract (12 capsules/day) may cause side effects such as kidney pain, edema, exacerbation of gout patients. and have allergic reactions on the skin.

Is asparagus really nutritious?

In terms of nutrients Asparagus contains a variety of nutrients that may benefit physical health. but in terms of medicinal properties sickness Or its effectiveness in other areas. There is currently no scientific and medical research that clearly proves the effectiveness consumption. Only the proof of belief in certain areas remains vague or lacks clear evidence. Consumers should eat asparagus in moderation according to meals. Do not consume in excess. Or, always consume any compound containing asparagus in accordance with one’s health factors under the advice of a physician. in order to maintain a healthy body And avoid the risk of side effects that may occur.