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Robinho to serve nine years in prison for rape.

Robinho is set to serve a nine-year prison sentence for rape in 2017. After an Italian court reject the former Brazil striker’s appeal.

Former Brazil and Real Madrid football team striker Robinho is set to go to Santos follow a verdict by an Italian court. That sentence him to nine years in prison for rape in 2017. Despite his appeal but reject by the Court of Appeal in Rome. That make the penalty effective immediately. As report by Marca on Wednesday. 

Robinho has reported deny allegations. That he involve in the rape of a 22-year-old Albanian woman in a Milan nightclub in 2013. While play for the Red Devils. He found guilty of rape in 2017. And his appeal process with the Italian court has continue since. Then until his appeal reject by the Court of Appeals in Rome. UFABET That means a nine-year prison sentence will take effect immediately. 

While Italy wants the extradition to bring Robinho to the macaroni. But the Brazilian constitution does not allow the extradition of Brazilian criminals. They will ask the former Samba striker to jail in Coffee Town instead. 

Former Brazil forward Robinho.

 Has sentence to nine years in prison for his part in a violent sexual assault in a Milan nightclub in 2013.

Robinho who was play for AC Milan at the time. Was part of a group who gang-rape a 23-year-old Albanian woman at the Sio Cafe nightclub. And was originally sentence in 2017. have go on to lose two appeals.

The ex-footballer has no further right to appeal. Meaning that the latest ruling by the Rome court is final. However, it remains to be seen whether he will serve his sentence in a Brazilian or Italian jail.

Robinho‘s friend Ricardo Falco is in the same situation, although four others left the country before they could be cited and convicted. Robinho, 37, was still playing professional football as recently as 2020, three years after the original sentence and seven years after the crime took place.