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Paul Merson has warned Chelsea

Ex-Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has warned Chelsea that their title race hopes could end in the first six games if they don’t start well.

         The Champions League winners face a tough schedule at the start of the 2021/22 season, with their opening game against Crystal Palace, who has recently appointed Patrick Vieira as their new manager. Then will face Arsenal, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Spurs and Manchester City, which Emerson thinks that if the start is bad. The hopes of winning the championship may end. fast down

         “Chelsea are facing a nightmare start to the new season from their first six games,” Merson told ufabet Sports.

         “They have a difficult job. And it’s even worse when a lot of players haven’t returned from the Euros in time to be fully fit. The case for other teams that haven’t met key men like Jorginho and Mei. Son Mount

         “The two of them went the furthest in the Euros against England and Italy in the final. And both are the most important players in the Chelsea team.”

         “But the club had 16 players who missed pre-season because they were on vacation after a lot of tournaments. And even though some people are back now But they were not fit enough to start the first game.”