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Jose Mourinho reveals about Luke Shaw

Jose Mourinho reveals about Luke Shaw. New Roma boss Jose Mourinho has dismissed reports of former Manchester United team-mate Luke Shaw and hailed his best performance at Euro 2020.

Jose Mourinho reveals about Luke Shaw.

Mourinho and Shaw had previously worked together at Old Trafford, but there were constant rumors of feuds and at Euro 2020 that had just ended. He has also criticized Shaw’s performance in England’s 0-0 draw with Scotland.

However, Shaw keeps getting better and better. After that until the team reached the final and scored the goal for the Italian national team from the beginning of the game. but lost in a penalty shootout 

“A lot of people think I don’t like Luke Shaw, but I would say this is a tournament where he’s really great. It was the most wonderful match. There are no bugs in playing the game. He’s playing really strong.”

“More than that, he has evolved. keep evolving and score a goal The way he’s developed is really, really cool, Luke Shaw,” Mourinho said.

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