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Jack Grealish has responded to the criticism of Roy Keane

England midfielder Jack Grealish has responded to the criticism of Roy Keane. By confirming the desire to kill the penalty already but beyond their own judgment.

Following England’s loss in penalties against Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday. The manager Gareth Southgate was questioned over the selection of the first five penalty shooters. Why did he choose Bukayo Saka, a 19-year-old youngster to score last, despite players like Raheem Sterling or Grealish not included in the top five?

While Keane, a former Ireland and Manchester United midfielder, who analyzes the football game of ITV Criticism of the criticism that Sterling and Grealish should get up and do the job. Shouldn’t be silent and let a little boy like Saka go and shoot first.

Grealish then posted a statement via his own Twitter, “I already said that I want to act. The boss made the right decision several times in this tournament. And so he did tonight. But I won’t let anyone tell me I don’t want penalties. As I said I wanted to shoot.”

However, Southgate admitted after the game that he was the one who chose the player to take the penalty shootout. Therefore, the fault cannot be blamed on the players.