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Houghton has confirmed team will have to buy a few more top players

Liverpool legend Ray Houghton has confirmed his beloved team will have to buy a few more top players. Before the transfer window closes after the arrival of Ibrahima Konate around 36 million pounds.

“Looking at the strength right now I’m pretty sure Jurgen Klopp will need to buy a few more top players,” the former Liverpool five-winning midfielder told the Express.

“Obviously our club is not so rich that they can arrange big deals like their rivals, but honestly, no one knows what FSG will make. because I have no right to have anything to do with their inner affairs.”

“But one thing everyone knows is that If you want to be a champion, especially in today’s football world. Buying good players to add to the army is the main way. Because even if you don’t, other competitors will do it anyway.”

“So every summer the team needs at least two or three new players to keep it fresh. Change the atmosphere in the dressing room from being boring. It has caused a slight change in the style of play. These dimensions are good for the club as a whole.”