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Grading Chelsea players in the Premier League game, defeating Fulham

Grading Chelsea players in the Premier League game, defeating Fulham, 1-0, winning 3 consecutive matches.

• It was not a game that Chelsea play well or was much superior to. But it must pointe out that Fulham’s offense was more dull.
• Cole Palmer’s penalty made Chelsea win the league 3 games in a row for the first time in the Mauricio Pochettino era.
• And this is Chelsea players’ ability scores for this game

Successfully made amends from going out and losing again. Middlesbrough 0-1 midweek Came back to beat Fulham 1-0 from a penalty from Cole Palmer. Which allow Chelsea to win three Premier League games in a row for the first time in the Mauricio Pochettino era. This was also temporarily moved up to number 8. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Chelsea player ratings

Jorje Petrovic – 8 – was hardly tested in the first 20 minutes, but then made a key save in the 27th minute, Harry Wilson’s strike was wide open on the right and by Especially in the second half in the 73rd minute, Raul Jimenez pressed hard, narrowly catching a super save against Petrovic.

Levi Colville – 7 – handled the opponent’s right flank with flawless play early in the game. But it’s the same as always. that enhancing the offensive game by itself is still not a highlight Because nature is a tall and big center back.

Thiago Silva – 7 – Tested quite a bit in the first half. To the point that he almost didn’t show his face on the screen. Including not having the opportunity to add much to help the offensive game Then the second half was a bit harder. But he successfully carried himself into the sign and grabbed a clean sheet.

Axel Disasi – 7 – Like his partner Thiago Silva, he played relatively easily in the first half. Didn’t get much pressure from the visiting team’s offensive line. But the second half must clearly increase the level of tightness. But it is considered that this game is excellent.

Malo Gusto – 6 – A little too brash until he opened up on Willian and received his first yellow card at the end of the first half. Throughout the game, he kept trying to add offense when he had the opportunity, but he couldn’t do much.

Moises Caicedo – 6 – Quietly absent. When having to settle down and cut the game mostly in your own territory and did not participate in the offensive game as much as he should today

Enzo Fernandez – 7

Quite an outstanding game. Engage in a high tempo game. Especially being the ball player in the middle. As well as trying to launch the ball to attack the opponent’s defense. It’s just that today there was no shot of the goal being seen.

Raheem Sterling – 7 – Started on the left flank. But throughout the first half they did little to cause any harm. Until injury time when he moved to the right and was cut down by Issa Diop for a penalty. and became an important goal in the end

Connor Gallagher – 6 – First chance to pull the trigger on the edge of the penalty area. But pry across the beam as usual. After that, the form is not considered very outstanding. But it was unfortunate that at the end there were no beautiful goals. The moment the volley was flicked on the side of the tail, the ball crashed hard into the post.

Cole Palmer – 6

Completely quiet throughout the first half. But when he took responsibility for killing Thanat’s penalty, he hit the post sharply, opening the score 1-0. However, if the penalty was not counted then It is considered that today’s form is a little quiet.

Armando Broya – 5 – got a chance to return to the starting lineup again. And found the channel to insert a header in the 20th minute, which the ball missed the post and had a chance to win. But then it disappeared. The ball crossed over and over. Like the second half, there was a chance to enter a dangerous point. But he didn’t miss the ball. until it was changed according to regulations