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Chelsea got goal from Cole Palmer from penalty spot usual.

Chelsea got a goal from Cole Palmer from the penalty spot as usual.

‘Cold Palmer’

However, some credit should be given to Fulham as they were actually not bad. And especially in the second half, if Chelsea didn’t have the toughness of Jorje Petrovic to help them, they wouldn’t know where to turn. Report from

The only goal that happened It came from the mistake of Issa Diop who put Raheem Sterling in front of the referee’s eyes. So that you don’t have to waste time going back and checking VAR.

And in a game where the overall form is considered to be rather quiet. Once again, Cole Palmer showed what was “special” on the penalty kill.

  • Scored into the match to win against Burnley 4-1.

    Scored into the match and tied with Arsenal 2-2.

    Scored into the match and won against Spurs 4-1.

    Scored into the match and tied with Manchester City 4-4.

    Scored into the match and beat Fou. Laem 1-0

It was the 21-year-old’s fifth penalty goal of the season, with no missed shots in between. (There was also a 4-2 win against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup, and Palmer didn’t miss it as the number one scorer.)

How amazing? That this is the first season of moving from Manchester City to Chelsea, the first season of playing as a full-time starter in the Premier League and the first season of being an assassin at this level. From before he was only an assassin on the U-18 youth team.

Last 15 minutes

In the last 15 minutes, Pochettino’s substitution was interesting, sending vice-captain Ben Chilwell onto the bench to replace Raheem Sterling!

One is that important people like Chilwell are back fit and ready. After the latest injury caused him to miss 18 matches in a row.

The second is the tactic of using Levi Colville as left back as usual and having Chilwell drop in as half back, half left wing back, as a second left back, which is considered. “makes sense”

Yes, one aspect is that it makes the attacking game on the left side less effective. But what we got back was a tight game pack. Focus on certainty Limit your opponent’s playing area. In the goal of keeping the score intact.

In this game, the 1-0 victory that was obtained was exactly. What Pochettino had arranged for him.