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Tips to Succeed With Calorie Counting.

Be prepared: Before you start, get a calorie counting app or online tool, decide how to you will measure or estimate portions and make a meal plan.

Read food labels: Food labels contain lots of useful information for calorie counting. Make sure you check the portion size recommended on the package.

Remove temptation: Get rid of the junk food in your house. This will help you choose healthier snacks and make it easier to hit your targets UFABET 

Aim for slow, steady weight loss: Don’t cut calories too low. Although you’ll lose weight faster, you may feel bad and be less likely to stick to your plan.

Fuel your exercise: The most successful weight loss programs include both diet and exercise. Make sure to eat enough to still have energy to exercise.

What is the ‘CICO diet’?

CICO is an acronym for “calories in, calories out.”

It’s not a specific diet. Rather, it’s the concept that creating a calorie deficit — by consuming fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis. Leads to weight loss, while eating more calories than you burn causes weight gain.

That means weight loss and weight gain are determined solely by calorie intake, independent of macronutrient intake or diet quality.

Most weight loss diets are designed to create a calorie deficit, some more severe than others. But most popular diets recommend following a certain macronutrient ratio and cutting out specific foods and ingredients. Such as added sugar, in addition to creating a calorie deficit.

However, using the CICO concept, the only factor that matters for weight loss is consuming fewer calories than you burn.

For example, according to the CICO theory, a person will lose the same amount of weight. When following a ketogenic (keto) diet as they would when following a high carb diet. So long as the calorie deficit is the same.