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Pep bully Gabriel Jesus moves to Arsenal.

Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus has revealed that the last straw that made him leave Manchester City for Arsenal was because of his former manager Josep Guava. Cardiola looked over his head, to the point of having a defender snatch the spear from him.

Gabriel Jesus made 236 appearances for City, scoring 95 goals over five-and-a-half years. Therefore chose to move to Emirates Stadium to coordinate with Mikel Arteta. A coach who used to know each other under the uniform ‘The Blue Sailboat’ UFABET

Recently, the player has revealed that he chose to leave the Etihad Stadium because he did not trust Guardiola to use it as the main spear because he used to let Oleksandr Zinchenko play. The Falls Nine striker, and he’s just a backup. 

“It was the Champions League game against Paris Saint-Germain. As a home team, Pep making Zinchenko play the Falls Nine is crazy.”

“Even though the day before that ‘Alex’ was not allowed to practice in that position. You let me support the target spear.” 

“Today, Zinchenko, he still comes to tease me saying – I was sad for you that day – 

“Two hours before the game there’s a team meeting, dinner together, 30 minutes break and going into the game – you tell the 11 in front of the team. Playing makes me unable to continue eating.” 

“Go straight into the room to cry, call to complain to mom – I want to move out, mom-” 

“I went home almost immediately because the boss made Zinchenko play in my position. Plus, we’re just backing up and not being used. He played at left-back as a striker – I almost broke my knee.”

“There are still a lot of things about Pep that are not easy to deal with, it’s difficult.” 

“That’s where I decided, I didn’t want to stay at City anymore, I’d rather leave.” 

Jesus ended up at Arsenal  in the summer of 2022 , making an impact for the Gunners with 11 goals and 8 assists in 33 games in all competitions, with fewer games due to recurring injuries.