Telecom and Internet in the main category. Obviously, STC internet packages are the best and quite affordable with now more validity/duration. Share 'more' with our Internet plans It can't get better than this. Call 102. *100*xxxxxxxxxxxx#) then click Send. Dial 100 and follow the instructions Receive credit from another stc Prepaid account to your account (e.g. Amount (KD) * Once required, you need to enter the Sawa card number there. The USSD code to load STC Sawa dial *155*voucer recharge card hidden number*Iqama id/Resident ID# then tap the call button. STC Monthly Internet Packages: Discover and evaluate all STC Monthly Internet Packages next with information like subscribe code, rates, costs, validity and so forth for STC Monthly Internet Packages. With stc, you will enjoy cumulative validity for up to 1 year: ** Grace period: Only incoming calls and SMS are allowed (customer keeps his credit)*** Disable period: The line is temporarily suspended (customer loses his credit), All stc Prepaid SIMs are 4G enabled allowing you to access the most innovative services (both voice and data services). The second way to recharge STC card is to install their application in your mobile through PlayStore or iTunes. To subscribe, visit one of the stc stores around Bahrain or any authorized dealer. Over 400 million top-ups sent since 2006. Your STC recharge for Saudi Arabia is here. STC Internet Packages – Prepaid & Postpaid Offers, Codes STC is Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications company. Experience The Most Rewarding & Never Seen Before Services In Kuwait With stc. Simple and fast. STC balance transfer can also be made by using a code. stc Prepaid Data & Minutes  Weekly 1.25GB, stc Prepaid Data & MinutesMonthly Youth 10GB*. Now let see the codes you need to know to use it properly; Balance Check: *166# or call 1500 (It free of charge) Internet Data: Call 900. There are also various options to Recharge STC Quicknet in order to continue using 4G internet. Eliminate confusing tariff structures and enjoy simple and cheapest flat rates on your prepaid package. You have to send a blank SMS to 2220 for checking the STC Data balance. You can also recharge your STC Sawa voucher through an SMS. Mobile Internet For both internet load and local STC, sim cards follow one of the below methods. STC QUICKNET DATA RECHARGE VIA SMS ... how to check remaining internet MB of STC Mobily zain or other company in saudi - Duration: 3:35. Internet 30MB: 2202: 2102: Internet 120MB: 2203: 2103: Internet 250MB: 2204: 2104: Internet 500MB: 2205: 2105: Internet 2GB: 2211: 2111: Internet 5GB: 2215: 2115: For JawalNet settings: Send an SMS containing the word jawalnet to 2222 : For inquiries about your Internet usage balance: 2220 Get your data SIM to enjoy unlimited internet and more by … But you can also use it to recharge STC sims. How can I recharge my STC Internet sim online? International Rates (Subject to 5% Value Added Tax). You can easily recharge your SAWA prepaid number or any other number through stc pay with safe and ease steps, if you want to prepaid saw you can goin with the following steps The third way to recharge the STC card is to call their helpline at 1100 and follow the instructions there. STC pay is mostly used for sending money outside the kingdom. Unfortunately, you cannot use an STC card to pay off your STC Postpaid bills. STC Internet Renewal Packages in Saudi Arabia. Enter your mobile number and it will be activated in your SADAD account. Another great Net package after daily weekly and now STC Monthly Internet Package in this article we told you 6 Best prepaid package with various price and its usage.also cheap monthly net package and Monthly unlimited Package. How to cancel STC landline and internet connection. STC provide Quicknet subscriber one if the best possible 4G experience with flexible plans. For that, you shall follow this simple procedure: Write STC emergency loan code “1” in an SMS; Send it to 808808. If you did not receive a message from 808808 to borrow the STC load, you can send a request for the STC advance balance as well. Free Delivery. Guaranteed prize (Free GB’s & local minutes) upon line activation for every customer! Trusted by the world. Get more out of prepaid. STC Card Recharge Code STC Recharge Code: *155*Recharge number# Call 1500 and follow the instructions. The second way to recharge STC card is to install their application in your mobile through. Here you have the option to recharge your Sawa line by paying through credit card or Mada debit card. Recommended: How to check STC Balance? In this article, we have explained 4 different ways to recharge your balance. sawa Internet Packages. STC provides internet data with 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months […] Fast 4G/5G Connectivity. 3:35. Our recharge cards are available everywhere in Bahrain. * Pack/ Add on is available only for customers with age between 16 to 24 years. Method 2: Transfer STC balance through an SMS. For example, 0535943*** is my number and is of Sawa STC. We're here to help. Monthly STC Internet Packages Code and Price. There are different ways to recharge an STC card, but the most used method is dialing the Sawa Recharge code number on your mobile. Get the best internet experience with the 4G SIM cards from stc. Your stc Prepaid line entitles you to roam in more than 200 countries around the world. these all package are very easy to activate by dialing a simple codes. sawa internet packages power up with more data sawa data keys To recharge your line: Dial *100* followed by the recharge code and the # sign (e.g. **** Available only on “stc Prepaid Data & Minutes Monthly 10GB Pack”. After recharging your main account, you can subscribe to an internet package. STC 4G Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia. to transfer 1 BD to 33xxxxxx, send *121*1*33xxxxxx#), Dial *101# then click Send.Dial 100 and follow the instructionsFor more information, please contact our Customer Service Center at 124 or +973 33 124124. Your details are kept safe with us. STC Saudi Arab are giving the world best Saudi Arab greatest mobile bundles search engine where you can discover all STC Internet Packages including Validity of STC Daily Internet Packages, STC Weekly Internet Packages, STC Monthly Internet Packages, cost, Total internet, Total Off-Net Minutes, Total On Net Minutes and Total SMS of all different STC Internet Packages. Affordable Prices. Recharge Balance : *155*Recharge Coupon Number# Send *133* MOBILE NUMBER of Recipient* AMOUNT# and then press the dial button ** BD 2 is one-time connection fee, whereas customer will enjoy the recurring weekly add on benefits for BD 2 per week. USD Choose the desired product. To recharge using a recharge code, enter *500*recharge code# and send. Soon you will receive Sawa 5 riyal advance credit. On the main screen, look at the bottom menu and, select STC Corner. Check STC balance by dialing code In order to check Sawa balance, you need to dial the code *166# on your mobile, the system will check the balance and display it on your mobile screen. To check your balance dial *555#. stc brings you amazing Internet plans to give you a great time. stc is the newest, most advanced mobile telecommunications service provider in the has rapidly established itself in the market through its customer and employee-centric approach. * Price includes 15% VAT sawa SIM and recharge terms and conditions: sawa SIM is valid for 90 days from activation date. *** For the first time add on gets activated upon line activation, later the respective recurring weekly/monthly charges will be applicable. Recharge any STC mobile today and join millions of people who use Ding to stay in touch. How can I extend my STC SIM validity? Enter *155*CODE*ID number# followed by the send button. In this article, we have explained 4 different ways to recharge your balance. Would you recommend stc to family and friends ? Using the code is the easiest method to transfer balance. ... How to recharge using your STC code. You can also recharge your STC prepaid line through SADAD by selecting; People often ask if there is a way to recharge the Sawa Internet package or account, they also search for the STC net charge code number. Know Your STC (Sawa) Data Sim Number. For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group. While doing balance recharge through ATM or online bank account, you will need your mobile (sim) number. Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then. *100*xxxxxxxxxxxx#) then click Send.Dial 100 and follow the instructionsReceive credit from another stc Prepaid account to your account (e.g. The line will enter dialable mode, followed … Recharge your account with a wide variety of denominations suiting your budget with stc Prepaid. stc Points. 30GB Internet. Unfortunately, you cannot use an STC card to pay off your STC Postpaid bills. The customer can extend validity to 90 days for credit and to 360 days for SIM, this applies upon using any paid services like (making calls, sending SMSs, credit recharging, subscribing to sawa Packages or Telecom services… etc.) ****** Upon plan activation 4GB data gets added to the line and then incremental 4GB every month (up to 40GB) upon successful add on renewal .Social data is applicable for What’s App, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook,Tik tok & YouTube. Secure payments. The validity of the line will be based on the last recharge amount or the existing line validity, whichever is higher. Sign in using your voice or broadband number. High-speed internet from stc. Dial *100* followed by the recharge code and the # sign (e.g. But if you don’t remember it, then it might be a little trouble for a while. With extra talk-time, flat rates, better recharge options and superior service, get the best value for money. There are different ways to recharge an STC card, but the most used method is dialing the Sawa Recharge code number on your mobile. Log in to the app by providing the mobile number and the pin code. We deliver your top-up within minutes. India - 30 mins Bangladesh - 30 mins Pakistan - 30 mins Nepal - 10 mins Sri Lanka - 10 mins. Recommended: How to pay the STC bill online? How to make STC pay international bank transfer? In order to check STC Internet balance by dialing a number, you need to dial *888*5# on your mobile and the system will tell you about your remaining data. The second way to share load or transfer credit from one STC account to another one is to write the following code in an SMS and send it to 900. Enter *155*CODE*ID number# followed by the send button; ******** Free international minutes are applicable for one destination only and are subject to change at stc’s discretion. Wherever you are in the world, you’ve come to the right place to get STC internet packages or phone credit! All you need to do is to press the codes and then press the dial button on your mobile phone. Recharge Price (SAR)** Validity: Activation code: Auto Renewal Cancellation Code: Deactivation Code Activation From My Account: 100GB Internet : 160: 1 Month: Send 100GBM To 959: Send CA100M To 959: Send C100GBMTo 959: Activate now In a while, you will receive an SMS containing a successful load text. One Time Data Add-ons are available only for customers with monthly or weekly add-on. STC Internet Packages 15GB 100GB and 300GB. When it comes to quality and price, STC Sawa is one the best and leading telecom company in all over Saudi Arabia. Add more data to your Prepaid line and enjoy the best internet experience with the fastest 4G LTE network in Bahrain. to transfer 1 BD to 33xxxxxx, send *121*1*33xxxxxx#) TP . Usage notes: The line is activated upon first use. Call 102. Recharge your line with a wide variety of recharge cards that suit your budget. You can enjoy 30GB internet to browse and socialize for only KD 7 valid for 30 days. STC Quicknet Internet SIM Packages and Offers. Data Add-ons can be used for a set period without being auto-renewed. Super STC Monthly Internet Packages: Bundle Details. Recharge. You can see other methods to check Sawa Remaining Balance Check. One Time Data Add-ons for stc Prepaid. One Time Data Add-ons data is valid till the expiry of monthly or weekly add-on. Plan details: KD 7. Recharge online Enter your recharge details Mobile Number *. Well, there is no separate way to recharge your internet balance. Add more data to your Prepaid line and enjoy the best internet experience with the fastest 4G LTE network in Bahrain. As you can see, the codes which you need to write in both the procedures are the same. Top up your 4G and enjoy high speed & stability with our network. Designed to fit your needs Enjoy 30GB at all times Now, widen your internet experience with the new prepaid internet SIM from stc. How to change STC SIM language to English? Register and then open STC Pay app. How to recharge using your STC code. STC Advance Balance – Manual. Here is the procedure. STC Quicknet are one the top speed 4G internet available in Saudi Arabia, the technology of 4G is fastest and more reliable than any other network stream. STC internet balance check number STC internet balance check number is 2220. Recommended: How to install STC fiber optic internet connection? Data Add-ons can be used for a set period without being auto-renewed. عربي ... Recharge. Every Thing Easy 107,518 views. STC (Sawa) Prepaid in the service provider. Which provides internet and call packages worldwide, especially the people of Saudi Arabia.

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